Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Wednesday 10th March 1915

Potatoes. Fine weather.
Practised company retreating by sectional rushes (under Jarrard). Later on colonel supervised retreat. The line moved from centre to rt and left gradually opening up a space thro’ which supports could fire. The sections retired with left and rt in a line. At last extreme firing line section got on flank of supports and deployed to rear to form new supports and so retired.
Afternoon, dull, drizzle, filled in trenches.
Evening night march 7.50-9.10pm to end of Wyming Brook. Picked out men hidden on road side.
Another submarine,U12, sunk. 10 out of 28 crew saved. British make biggest advance in Flanders since deadlock, capturing 1000 Germans, 2 mls trenches, 2 mls depth advance.
Letter from Douglas.

The War Illustrated, 27th March, 1915

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