Thursday, 12 February 2015

Friday 12th February 1915

Ceremonial drill 11-12.45. Fed up with it. Unwin worrying himself to death.
Hanforth’s funeral. Bearers left 10.45am. Platoon and other followers at 11.
Hurried dinner, Unwin rushing about, silly fool.
Bus to Crosspools, marched to Ranmoor Church, where, after waiting 1 ½ hrs, met procession from Cathedral.
Fell in with arms at reverse in front of gun carriage. Marched to Fulwood Churchyard at trail, changing arms, rifles reversed, last 150 yds slow march, arms reversed, very impressive. Opened out inside gate and rested on arms reversed after arm movement. Short cut to grave. Beautiful burial service by Chaplain. Present arms, 3 good volleys, fix bayonets, last tribute to dead present arms, last post. This was blown in splendid fashion and gave a grand and awe inspiring impression. Reminds one that a man yearns for a reawakening of the soul after death.
In evening, headache, shivery, went to bed. Doctor came round about 2am, inspecting men, about 20 who had been vaccinated fainting after hard march to town.

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