Monday, 2 February 2015

Tuesday 2nd February 1915

Dull, raining. Mess orderly. Porridge and bacon for brekker. Parade 10.40. Stiff. Everyone tired. Acted as flanker scout in open drill with sections extended.
Afternoon, raining, physical exercise in hut under Townsend. Simpson showed us new one, arms locked on floor, pull head over heels. Pulled Howard and Draycott. Also some wrestled Cumbrian style, hands clasped.
After break bayonet drill under Sgt. Mjr. Costello. Point downwards to man in trench, pull out by shortening under rt arm. When parry and too close to enemy, can shorten over rt arm. Still drizzling, heavier and heavier, in huts, cleaned rifle. Sing-song round piano (Camp Songs 1/6) after tea. Evening in Y.M.C.A.I., beat Stables, lost of Copplestone at chess.

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