Sunday, 8 February 2015

Monday 8th February 1915

Shooting at range. Scored 66%. Firing in snow storm, difficult to see target at 25 yds. Squad drill.
Afternoon, still snowing, physical exercise in hut under Marsden. 3-4pm 2nd batch of 20 went to be vaccinated. Never been done before. Don’t believe in it. No good causing trouble. Hot arguments between different sides. Operation simple, not so rotten as inoculation. Made several scratches on 2 patches on left arm until blood came and then squirted little vaccine over each. Skin 1st cleaned. After little covering put on. Tea and biscuits. Evening straightforward route march to Stanage Pole and back. Rifles only. Snow on ground. Clear sky. Back 8.50pm. Answered picket (inlying). In afternoon given new suit, kaki. Forage cap rotten round shape.

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