Monday, 9 February 2015

Tuesday 9th February 1915

Parade 10.50. Equipment on. Neck of water bottle should be on level with belt. Inspected. My braces were slack. Platoon drill. Heard Hanforth died having had relapse after operation in January. Neumonia[sic]. 20. Eldest son. Rotten luck, Military funeral.
Afternoon bayonet drill under Costello, inspected by Gymnast, formed one of 12 to practise ceremonial drill, firing party for funeral.
Present arms as put in hearse. Reverse by extending arms to front, turning rifle upside down, change position of hands, cant it backwards catching it at lower band behind back with rt hand, butt up. March slow time about 200 yds.
Evening fine concert at Y.M. Harry Hull, Mrs Unwin, Hoole (Bones), ect. All tip top artistes. “Once more to breach”. Officers present.

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