Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Wednesday 3rd February 1915

Dull weather.
Shooting. Scored 79% at 25yds. No. 8 Rifle Squad drill. Weary of it. Brush with L.Cl. Simpson. Told him off.
1st kaki[sic] suit served out to about ½ A Co. Looked like Tommies.
Afternoon trench digging. Cover trenches 2 ft. wide at bottom, 5 ft. deep. After 2 hrs started sniping with clay pellets. Developed into fusillade, Capt Allen and Lieut Storey joining in. Sport. Night march past Lodge Moor, to left along Manchester Rd and back up Wyming Brook. Very dark, judged no. of party marched past. Cocoa.
Everett and Townsend played duets including majestic Wedding March.

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