Sunday, 22 February 2015

Monday 22nd February 1915

Hurrah. Doctor can go home for 7 dys. Left camp 12am wearing khaki uniform for 1st time. Beautiful sunshine, skylarks singing. “Hail to thee blythe spirit”. Bus to town. City foggy. Home 1pm. Surprised, expected me on Saturday. Soup for dinner. Poached eggs on toast tea. Fish and chips supper.
Nice to be at home again. Saw Mrs Turner and Mr and Mrs Thorpe. Dardanells[sic] bombarded by allied fleet. Looks as if are going to force them. Loose lot of grain and oil in Russia and lower grain prices, competing with American. Russians seem to have had big defeat. Thought they would. Masurian Lake District big stumbling block. We shall have to beat Germany.
Bed 9pm. Feather bed.

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