Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Thursday 4th February 1915

Dull, sleet. Parade 10.40am. 10.40-12.30 physical exercise under Blank. Games 11.30-12.30. Bantam fight, charging on one leg. Very amusing. Knocked 4 men out. Beaten by Godwin. Stand jumps. Fine sport. Afternoon bayonet drill under Sgt. Mjr. Marsden. Fixing and unfixing. Later 2 movements between knees.
To fix on march, trail arms, raise muzzle, fix, on guard, slope, time from rt hand man. In close column marker holds hand or bayonet above head. Bayonet. On guard, left elbow close to rifle. Mans breast, rifle end, and eye in line. Rifles cleaned. Beat Stables 2-0 chess.

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