Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Wednesday 10th February 1915

Clear, frosty. Trench digging. Skirmishing with pellets.
Afternoon. Ceremonial drill. Quick march at trail, rifle reversed, 2 movements from reverse. When arrive at Cemetery gates (slow marching) open out to 8 paces, inwards turn, rest on arms reversed. Bring rt hand round to butt, then left, bend head and remain until coffin and chief mourners passed thru. Reverse arms, quick march to grave. Rest on arms reversed during burial service. Present arms as coffin lowered, slope arms, volleys load, pre-sent. Fire. 3 times. Unload. Order arms. Fix bayonets. Present, last salute to dead. Unfix.
Evening route march, equipment, no rifles. Clear sky, 6-9.15pm.

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