Friday, 6 February 2015

Saturday 6th February 1915

Put equipment together. Buckles same distance on either side of belt so that back buckles are in middle of back. Next put bayonet frog on. Then put braces on, left over rt, for average man 1in over end of short strap. Bottle on rt side fastened to braces, haversack at left, braces. Entrenching tool on rt, pack resting on belt. No route march, raining heavily. Got pass till 11.55pm.
Saw Wednes v Oldham 2-2. Fastest game seen this season. Wednes best team, ought to have won.
Evening 7.30-12.30pm, Lyceum with Tom and Douglas, “Chocolate Soldier”. Good. Colonel Popoff humorous. Fine singing. Artistic scenery.
Neutrals angry at blockade threat. We are rather amused, more unconcerned. Barracks 11.15pm. Clammy fog. All asleep.

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