Thursday, 15 January 2015

Friday 15th January 1915

Very windy, dull. Completed Chap. II, St. Matthew, describing journeys taken by Joseph according to divine instruction.
Brekker:- Porridge and bacon. Very satisfying.
Battalion route march thro’ Redmires Rd, turn to left, over Roper’s Hill, Camp. Forming part of van guard, was thrown out as flanker on Roper’s Hill, joining rear guard at 1st rest on moor. Sleet and hail came heavily for 2 hrs, making me very fatigued, walking, running, climbing, over moor, walls, ravines, hills, ridges, and close thicket. Rain stopped 12am, to recommence vigorously 12.30-6.30pm. Arrived camp 1.45, having left at 10am. Cleaned rifle, dinner, paid 7/- for week at 3pm, beat Jackman at chess, read “Sphere”. Bought pineapple for tea, alas Bully Beef. 7.30-9.30 Splendid concert at Y.M.C.A. I, given by Harry Heath’s Party. 9.35pm learnt on guard for Saturday so couldn’t go to opera “Gluck’s Tales” at Lyceum as arranged.

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