Friday, 9 January 2015

Saturday 9th January 1915

Raining heavily, cold worse, sick parade 7.30am, my temp low, 4 quinine tablets and confined to hut. Porridge and sauce brekker. Helped hut orderly, Goodier [Goodyear?], fetch coal and sweep up till 10.45. Read papers and lost 1 chess v. Goodier until 2pm, when others returned from battalion route march.
Dinner:- usual and mince pie.
Afternoon, dozed, played solo. Tea 4 tins pineapple between 10 men. Lockwood taught me bridge. Had poor hands. Cold much better. Bought phospherine.
Must write John and Douglas tomorrow.
10.15pm lights out. Goodier, Croft, Robinson, Howard gathered round fire, striking matches, smoking, humorous yarns. 10.55 knocking at door. No notice taken, door bolted. Officer goes to other door. Men get in bed making row. Laughable incident. Funny when Peter came in.

Tea-time. A2

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