Thursday, 22 January 2015

Friday 22nd January 1915

Twentieth Birthday and on cookhouse fatigue. Blizzard during night. Ground covered with fine snow. Weather mild. Paraded at cookhouse 7am. Mended fire and told orderlies to bring 2 and 1 [   ]. Direct to cookhouse. Brekker:- sausage and bacon. After brekker, cleaned pans, washed tables, swilled floor, cleaned [knives?], fetched 3 potatoes from No. 1, told orderlies to parade with 3 [carts?]. Rotten fatigue. Jolly hard work. Place smells of meat and pudding. Gave me 2 fine chops for dinner. After dinner, emptied and cleaned copper, fetched 6 buckets of coal. 3.15-4.30 off. Beat Benson at chess. 4.30 offered and made condensed milk in a bucket, fetched orderlies, helped to make tea, finished 5.10. Apples for tea, bought sardines. Birthday cake cut, very good [   ]. Beat Forster 3-1 at chess.

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