Monday, 5 January 2015

Tuesday 5th January 1915

Arose 6.30. Cold. Porridge and Bully Beef. Excellent. Washed brekker pots. Rifle physical exercise. Nearly broke me. Extended order drill. Rain, Lecture. Good dinner: potatoes, peas, onions, turnips, cabbage, fig pudding.
Orders:- 2 night marches, weekly. Afternoon off. Washed dinner pots, 10 minutes footer, lost to Marsden at chess, read little of [left blank], listened to Il Trouvatora [Il Trovatore?], Arcadia on gramophone. Dozed on bed. Felt lazy. Peaches for tea. Night march, paraded 5.45pm, ended 9.5pm. No smoking, talking, noise allowed. Went about 10 miles thro Wyming Brook, back past Lodge Moor. Marched in 4s, 2 deep, in two’s on each side of road, halted by passing in whispers. Practised hiding on road side. Dismissed by passed message. Very tired. Fortunately beautiful night. Enjoyed bread and soup for supper. Made bed.

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