Saturday, 17 January 2015

Sunday 17th January 1915

12pm. Relieved by corporal, “relief halt”, the new sentry taking position 2 paces to left of me, “sentries pass”; he took up my position. Had little cake, tried to sleep on planks with blankets and overcoat on. Cold, got up 12.45pm. At 1am went with corporal and another to patrol the lines; all correct. Tried to sleep 1.30-2am. Man talking in sleep, 1 snoring, sergeant coughing. Sleep impossible. Sat by fire 2.45-4am. 4am-6am guard. Very cold, sleepy, saw only sergeant on visiting round and officer’s servant.
6-8.30am washed pots, folded blankets, toilet, swept up, cleaned tables. Guard turned out 7am at reveille, retreat (4.30pm) and tatos (1st and 2nd posts). Presented, sloped, ordered arms to new guard and vice-versa. Dismissed. Brekker:- bacon, dozed, lost at bridge. Went home in afternoon, Mother missioning at Mexboro, saw birthday cake. Visited Douglas. Convalescent , tonsils out and adenoids, Sydney Walton ditto.

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