Saturday, 24 January 2015

Sunday 24th January 1915

Helped Howard to clear hut, chapel 10am, address by Rev. McNeal on “Personal sin and use of a friend:- Christ”. Old-fashioned, very good, men very attentive. Believed in personal devil. After, chat round fire on “predestination” and “clairvoyance”, some believed.
1.30-6.15pm, telephone orderly, relieving Copplestone who had engagement. Read magazines. Telephone used by Lieut. Woodhouse. Cosy by fire but monotonous. Had tea late, Townsend boiled me an egg, very nice. After tea, very tired, dozed on bed, other 5 in hut making sofa from mattresses round bed of Croft who was ill. Goodier in a swearing mood, got on my nerves a bit. 9.30 Lockwood arrived from town and said official news of naval victory over German raiding squadron.

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