Sunday, 4 January 2015

Monday 4th January 1915

The rain it raineth every day. Slush and sleet, rifles inspected, physical exercise in hut, 1 ½ mile run, drill with rifle in closed formation.
Dinner rather poor for a surprise.
More rifle drill in platoons and company.
Rain, which stopped about 11am, started again 4.10pm. Read Times. 6 new armies being formed, total 800,000 men, ready in early spring. We’ll make them jump. Good tea. Played footer. 3 chess games, won all. Oldale says was report in Green Un re 20 out of 30 in hut being chess players. 8pm went into Y.M.C.A. hut. Exceedingly cosy and attractive. Comfortable chairs and small tables to write on. Splendid piano. Sing-songs. Chap VII, Lodge, “Revelation of Christ”. Opportunity for painful service as test, e.g. Christ. His coming foretold. Everything we understand is orderly, in design and structure. Was this war? Wonder what good.

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