Monday, 26 January 2015

Tuesday 26th January 1915

Clear, frosty day, tidied hut for inspection by Inspector General. 9-10.50 played chess, beat Foster 2-1. Drill,company, including echelon. In afternoon, 2-3, physical exercises under late drill instructor from King Edwards, Costello. Smart man. Bayonet drill 3.15-4.15. On guard, point and parry. Stand with feet as when walking forward, left shoulder to front, left foot forward, holding rifle firmly, left hand near lower band and not below or near magazine, rt hand at small pt of bayonet opposite left breast, rt elbow in front of rt hip, both arms away from body for freedom, barrel slightly inclined to left. Important shoot rifle out firmly bending left knee rt leg straight, whole wt of body behind. Parry by straightening left arm smartly in direction of point. Very good, rather gruesome.

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