Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Thursday 28th January 1915

9-11 no parade. Jackman transferred to 8 hut and replaced by L.Cl. Simpson and Curwen from No. 1. Jackman ill-tempered, animal, remainder cut him more or less, both sides glad for move. Rearrangement of places, Bardsley and self moved near store.
11-12.30 company drill, Capt Allen, very monotonous. Echelon formations cover long front and can change direction rapidly to meet cavalry.
2-5pm formed screen for trenches, practising sectional rushes, advances and retirement. Snow fight at break. Report slight skirmish with Turks near Egypt. Letter from Pater asking me to run over for hr to correct his accounts and explain pt he was puzzled over. Ran to Lodge Moor, caught 5.20 bus, home 6.15pm, saw Pater, quickly explained pt re reclaimed tax. Tea, chat with Pater, caught 8.40 bus, snack, bed.

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