Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Thursday 14th January 1915

Potato orderly, had done onions, peeled carrots and took onions to cookhouse. Stake(sic) and onions for brekker. Visual training over water, dead ground, and light and dark backgrounds. Afternoon, being inlying picket, wheeled barrows full of stone for camp roads from quarry. Had race, 2nd. Dismissed at Retreat, played bridge. Jam for tea, bought tin of sardines from canteen, 3 ½ d. Swindlers at canteen. Played bridge till 8pm. Lost. Wrote P.C. to Thompsons, taxi to Lyceum, Saturday Turks invaded Persia and occupied Tabriz. Defeated in Caucasia, prepare to advance in Egypt. Poor devils. Viscount Hardinge says 200,000 Indian soldiers fighting in different parts of Empire.
Part of Chap. II, St. Matthew. Birth of Christ.

A2s part of platoon team in 7-ml inter-platoon race

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