Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Wednesday 20th January 1915

Shooting, scored 27 out of 35 at 25 yds. Out of practice, 5th time. While others shot at improvised ranges, we did rifle exercises. 3 bulls, 4 inners ¼ in. off bull and close together.
11.30 and 12.30 company drill under colonel. Enjoyed it. Officers at sea. Jarrard didn’t know what to do. Formed mass, 4 lines of platoons in fours at 20 yds distance ect [sic].
Afternoon went on moors top side of Roper’s Hill and practised attack. Formed part of supports. Sleet falling, lay on damp moors, climbed lot of walls. Holmes [scouted?] with rifle at slope. 7-9 practised attack on parade ground, no noise. Line of platoons in fours [   ] by line of men, formed 2 deep, formed line, charged with linked hands. To dig trenches form line at 2 paces interval, [   ] slope [   ] put pick and shovel down [   ].

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