Friday, 16 January 2015

Saturday 16th January 1915

Gusty and cloudy weather. Cleaned buttons. Bacon for brekker. Paraded 8.15am. for guard on verandah. Rain. Miserable outlook. Was relief of No. 2 sentry, Officers’ Mess. Read Chap. III, Matthew, John the Baptist foretelling Christ, baptises him in Jordan. Sentry at Officers’ Quarters, 10-12am. Rained till 9.30am. Saluted officers below Major, presenting arms to Majors and Colonel, carefully guarding all government property within view, walking about in smart and soldier-like manner, preventing unauthorised persons from entering officers’ quarters. Relieved at 12, dinner. Read London Mag, beat Fife [Fyffe?] at chess, lost to another man, acted as escort on visiting rounds. Inspected by Orderly Officer. Chess 1-1. Won solo whist. Newspapers. 10-12 Sentry. No compliments between retreat and reveille, except present arms to “guard rounds”. Clear, starry sky, cold, piercing wind. Visited by “visiting rounds”. Challenged all who approached post.

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