Sunday, 18 January 2015

Monday 18th January 1915

Clear, crisp sky, piercing wind which lessened. Before brekker helped Foster to carry laundry into No. 1 Hut. Brekker porridge and bacon, excellent.
Paraded with guard at 8.15am for outlying picket. Read London Mag and hand at solo. On picket at gate 12-2pm. Stood in sentry box most of time, fetched people who were wanted at gate, prevented unauthorised persons entering or leaving. Rice and fig pudding, rotten, had bread and honey for dinner. Fetched two buckets of coal, sergeant Unwin’s dinner. Read few old mags. Learnt Auction Bridge. Good game. 5.15 tea in hut. 6-8 picket at gate. Saw soldiers in full dress, puttees on, coat fastened, prevented smoking when passing sentry. 8-9.30 Played Auction Bridge. 9.30 1st post, 10pm 2nd. Paraded most of inlying picket, dismissed. Had to put out light in outlying building. Told to parade 7am on morrow to make fire. Noticed in morning that new guard presented arms when old marched off.

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