Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Wednesday 13th January 1915

Rained about 4am. 6.30am no rain. Did company drill until 11am. Rain, going into huts when stopped to be inspected by Brigadier General Bowles, commanding 115 Brigade. Made short address. Seemed decent sort, older than colonel and not as upright in figure. Impressed on us necessity of subordinating self in interests of battalion. Afternoon no parade. H D O [half day off] raced to catch 2.40 bus to Sheffield. Win by 200 yds. 3.10-5.10 Electra, saw fine film “Mr What’s His Name” [actual title is “What’s his name”] by Lasky. Had hair-cut at Constantines and home for tea at 6pm. Took 1lb nuts for children. Mother missioning at Mexboro’. Saw Doug’s father, had recovered from operation. Everybody seems to be enlisting. Father gave me French New Testament. Has brought back military notes from Varsity. Bought 2/4 box of chocs for hut. Peeled onions 9-10pm ready for brekker. Read Chap. 1 New Testament.

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