Monday, 12 January 2015

Tuesday 12th January 1915

Clear sky, crisp. Cold almost better. Brekker:- porridge and bacon. Good. Marched to hill overlooking camp and completed trenches by making loopholes over ammunition places[?]. Loophole 9’ by 3’ in trench, 3’ by 3’ at end. [   ] 18 in, roof made of flat stone. Elbow rest of 9 in. Stood pieces of rubble in parapet (from slope in front and rear).
Afternoon marched past “Grouse and Trout” towards top side of dams on moors. Practised semaphore. Tea:- jam and usual. After tea had outpost [scheme?] between Fulwood Booth and 1175 on Ordinance Map, on land ½ ml front and ½ ml rt of Grouse and Trout. 2 and 4 platoons marched out to the Stanage Pole, and represented army trying to get at rear of defeated army retreating on 2 || rds on Sheffield. We spread out to prevent enemy getting between. Formed part of screen on rt of Redmires Rd. Secured ground. Devilish dark. Lost touch with one another. Mistook Crick for enemy and special constable for enemies picket. Sgt Major got through (at Fulwood Booth) to camp and fetched [   ].

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