Friday, 2 January 2015

Saturday 2nd January 1915

Bed 12.15am. Stopped up for girls who had gone to Mosbrough. They arrived when in bed. Arose 10.45am. Learned “Formidable” sunk in Channel. We are pretty even in naval losses but their % more than twice ours.
Wednes v United, fine hard game, sludgy, 1-1, Wednes better team.
Evening went to Albert Hall to see “Traffic in Souls”. Fine picture, though rather too suggestive. Wouldn’t like to take girl.
Bought paint brush to paint needsfoot [neatsfoot] oil on boots. Am gradually getting little things I need.
Had hot bath. Must have hair cut. Last night at home before end of 6 days leave.
Bed 11.15pm.

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