Thursday, 29 January 2015

Friday 29th January 1915

Clear frosty day, occasional snow showers in morning.
9-9.30 drill under colonel, advancing in extended order with platoons kept together. Advanced from column after 2, 3, 4 platoons had deployed to rt to 50 paces, in line of platoons in fours at 50 paces. 1st section 1st section[sic] of each platoon extended to cover front as advanced. So whole platoon extended in 4 lines connected by files, reinforcing 1st line.
9.30-12am shooting and rifle exercises. 25 yds, 71/100 S.M.R.C. decimal target.
Afternoon trenching. Made parapet at back of trench to stop back effect of shrapnel.
Paid 7/- at 4.30. E Company marched up for uniform, about 160 strong, inspected trenches.
7-9.30 artistic concert in Y.M.C.A. by elecutionists, Jessie Skidmore. Beautiful violin solos from “Il Trovatore”, Shakespeare, “Lord J Talbot and Son”. Humouresque “If I durst but a dursnt”.

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