Sunday, 25 January 2015

Monday 25th January 1915

Rush for newspapers. Quite true. Blucher, 15000 tons, twelve 8.2 ins, 8 - 6 ins, guns and 880 men sunk in running fight by patrolling squadron under rear admiral Beatty, 2 armoured cruisers of 25000 tons escaping, seriously damaged in their mined areas.
Mess orderly. Camp inspection on Tuesday, Jones, Oldale, Lockwood and self detailed to clean hut in morning. Scrubbed floor on hands and knees, forms and tables, moving beds. Hard work, no rest from 9-12.35am.
Afternoon one of 6 on fatigue cleaning wash bowls with bathbrick. Finished 4.30, beat Jackman at chess. 6-9pm night operations, with pick and shovel on parade ground. Pick in left hand, in ground at |_ [right angle] to trench line, spade // [parallel], interval 2 paces, for straight trenches. For traverses 2 deep, rear 3 form traverse ¯¯¯l__l so. March back 4 paces, equipment off, back, start work.

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