Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Thursday 21st January 1915

Washing pots, read Chapt IV Matthew, 1st part of a sermon. Parade 10.50. Rain. Physical exercise in hut under Townsend. Leg circling on floor nearly strained me. 12-12.30 Sgt Unwin gave us details of Quartermaster Sgt Marsden’s lecture to officers and N.C.Os. 1/Tables thoroughly scrubbed outdoors in fine weather. 2/Wash basin cleaned with soda, used only washing, if not clean produce eye disease. 3/No waste be poured down grate or typhoid in hot weather. 4/Make beds and sweep up before wash.
Afternoon:- Company drill under Jarrard, observed by colonel. Practised echelon formation at several paces interval. Used against barbarians and weak enemies, every man shooting, first line kneeling. Form it from close and from columns at that distance. After Simpson and 2 others tested in platoon drill. Weather bitter cold. 5.15 ran to Lodgemoor, home, saw mother, brought back birthday cake.

Wash-house, Redmires

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