Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Wednesday 6th January 1915

Clear sky, sunshine. Felt stiff round belt. Sergeants’ Mess fatigue, paraded 7am, not time to perform toilet. Washed dirty supper pots 7-8.15. Brekker:- sausage. Returned 8.45, washed great no of pots, fetched 3 pans of coal and 1 coke, emptied 2 rubbish tins, scrubbed 2 tables, washed dirty glasses in sergeants’ canteen. Absolutely sick of work. Dinner 12.45:- usual and figs (stewed). Very nice, savoury. Played footer 1.15-1.45. 1.45-3.15 washed dinner pots. Thought would never finish. Scrubbed floors. 3.30 other 3 men went. I stayed to tea, went to canteen for provisions, helped butter and cut bread. Bardsley (picket) and I took guard sergeant tea. 6.10-6.30 tea, apricots and pineapple and cake. Enjoyed it. Very tired, slight headache, helped finish pots. Finished work 6.45pm. Played Moses chess, lost. Several good games at solo-whist. Corporal asked for names of those applied for commission. Gave mine.

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