Thursday, 8 January 2015

Friday 8th January 1915

Clear sky, cold wind. Brekker:- fried liver. Refuse bucket orderly. Practised attacking trenches, advancing in column, then line of sections and line by sections. Screened trenches. Formed part of picket.
Dinner:- Usual, Bread Pudding. Very good.
Afternoon. Rifles inspected; pay day. Rained intermittently. Also in evening. Cold worse. If no better, sick parade tomorrow. Read Star and Times in evening. Little news. Lodge Chap. II, I, “Aspects of truth”, “In so far as a thing is perfectly beautiful it corresponds to an ideal in the mind of the Creator”. Truth is an affair of perception. Only poetry and litt accepted by all ages. “A dog in picture gallery, interested in smells and corners, may represent, as in parable, much of our attitude to Universe”. Germans is military standpoint, depending on force.

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