Saturday, 10 January 2015

Sunday 10th January 1915

Cold better, went on duty; inlying picket. Porridge and bacon. Read Times Literary Supplement, glanced at Zoo notes, played bridge, winning every rubber, footer. Dinner:- usual and jam roll. Very good. Played No. 1 Hut footer, lost 1-0. Snowed lightly all day from 11.30am. Wet through. Poor game, conditions too bad. Tea, jam.
Evening read Star, chess with Bardsley. Tired, head dull. Read how Koenigsberg was destroyed after being bottled up in creek, aeroplane being used to locate it. Germany trying to make peace with France and Russia, not England. Fine compliment.
We could alone beat almost any possible combination in Europe. Looks as if Italy and Rumania will come in on our side in spring.

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