Monday, 19 January 2015

Tuesday 19th January 1915

Hut orderly, made, fire. 6.20, bed, washed, marched to guard room at 7am, made fire in orderly room, swept up. 7.45 brekker. No parade until 10.50 because of previous night march. Robinson and 2 Howards and others helped me to sweep up. Scrubbed tables; fetched coal 9.20 helped by Robinson, meat 8.50 took to cookhouse. Emptied washing water, put more on fire. When hot, cleaned Dixie’s, tea-cans, straightened beds and hut, swept up again, fetched choc for Benson, sick, Marsden also in bed. 11am orderly officer, Elam, inspected hut with medical. Told to open windows. After dinner, washed cans again, cleaned bath, fetched next day’s rations, swept hut, beat Marsden at chess, read Daily News. Tea, peaches. Washed tea-cans, wrote letter to John in Y.M.C.A. hut, wiped tables, washed dish-cloths. Made bed, very tired, prayers. Haven’t missed evening prayers for 11 years.

Dry-scrubbing. Swabbing.

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